Church Boards and Committees

The Church Board is the governing body and is composed of
chairpersons of the standing committees, the Moderator, Clerk, and
Treasurer. The minister is an ex officio member of all church boards and

The Diaconate Board is charged with spiritual administration. The
board's duties include serving Holy Communion, assisting the pastor in
promoting the spiritual interests of the church, outreach to church members
and friends and the community, welcoming new members, and providing
greeters and ushers for all worship services.

The Mission Committee seeks to identify and inform the church of the
needs of people locally, nationally and globally, and to determine ways the
church can effectively respond to those needs.

The Christian Education Committee is responsible for developing and
implementing all Christian education programs. The committee has charge
of the supervision and direction of the Church School and Youth Group and
recommends the appointment annually of a church school superintendent.
The committee oversees the church library and provides for infant care
during the worship services.

The Finance Committee oversees the financial operation of the church
and prepares the annual budget.

The Endowment Committee invests and manages the church's assets
that are designated as the Endowment Fund.

The Music Committee assists with the selection of the church's Director
of Music and, with the director, oversees the music program, recruiting
choir members and directing maintenance of the church's musical
instruments, equipment and music library.

The Building and Grounds Committee is responsible for managing
the care of grounds and facilities, for identifying and addressing maintenance
needs, and recommending sexton(s) for consideration of the Personnel

The Stewardship Committee plans the fall stewardship campaign and
seeks throughout the year to foster stewardship on all levels: time, talent
and treasure.

The Nominating Committee recommends church members to serve on
the various church committees and may, as needed,assume responsibility
for other membership related projects, such as, preparation of a church

The Personnel Committee advises the Church Board on all matters
concerning the minister(s) and all other paid staff.

Christian Caring Visitors  Please prayerfully consider becoming a
member of the Visitation Committee!  There are so many church friends and
members who welcome a phone call or personal visit, but we simply do not
have enough Visitation Committee members to make the rounds.  As a
committee member, you volunteer to contact one or two persons (or
whatever your schedule allows) for the month.  You may be invited to visit in
person, and you work out a day/time that suits both schedules.  Some
friends and members are residing in care facilities, so personal visits can be
made on any day during visiting hours.  The committee meets once a month
to review visits and contacts and to make commitments for the coming
month.  This volunteer group assists Pastor Chris and the Diaconate Board
in serving our members and friends through caring thoughts, friendship and
love. If you would like more information, or come to our next meeting in the
Library on Sunday, September 25th at 11:30 a.m.
First Church of Christ Congregational Clinton, CT.